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Clayey soils can retain water for longer time while the sandy soils lack coherence and, therefore, cannot retain water. Soil colour is another important physical property of soil. Soils derived from light coloured minerals may also be light in colour.

The dark colour of soils is generally due to the presence of highly decayed organic matter they contain. Organic matter imparts a gray, dark gray or dark brown colour to soils unless some other constituents such as iron oxide or an accumulation of salts modifies the colour.

Classification and Properties of the major soil in India

The red colour of the soil is ascribable to the oxidation. Soil texture and structure jointly determine the permeability to a great extent, but it should be treated as an important characteristic of soil.

Soil is acidic in reaction when, due to excessive leaching, the lime in the upper horizon decreases greatly in its relative proportion. In contrast, absence of leaching, due to short supply of moisture, results in the accumulation of lime in greater amount and thus leads to alkaline reactions. Neutral reaction means a balance between acidity and alkalinity. The land surface of the earth represents such a wide range of soils that it is convenient for us to consider only the major soil types.

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Azonal soils include thin stony mountain soils, alluvial soils and desert soils. Climate is the prime determinant of the soil character in the Tundra Regions.

Short note on Laterite Soil in India

Intensely cold, long winters cause soil moisture to be frozen during many months of the year. This is the characteristic soil type of cool humid climatic regions of the world and is a zonal type of soil. This results from the re-deposition of ferrous and aluminium hydroxides. The natural fertility of podzol soils is low because of more acidic reactions. The relative arrangement of layers corresponds, to a great extent, with those of the podzols, though the soil is less acidic in reactions.

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The top layer, moderately thick, contains more humus and is seconded by a grayish brown leached zone. In contrast to podzol, it is less intensely leached but has concentrated colloids and bases like podzols which give its yellowish brown colour. The fertility is medium. Are you able to get any time fund for your business idea and if so how. What need are you preparing or what problem are you solving.

Major Crops of India

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